The benefits of dentures:

  • removable for cleaning
  • inexpensive short term solutions
  • close to natural esthetically & functionally
  • fit harmoniously into the dental arch
  • avoid grinding neighboring teeth
  • avoids surgical operation
  • prevents bone atrophy

Denture acrylic – Lucitone 199 – high end acrylic
Denture teeth – Myerson, Bioform, and more

Appliances for:

  • anti-snoring
  • sleep apnea
  • mandibular advancement
  • bruxism
  • migraines

Night guards – Impak, available in both Thermoflex and Dualflex – light, strong, flexible, excellent fit and comfort

Night guards – hard clear acrylic

Sports guards – Solid/Multiple Colours and Sports Teams Colours

Bleaching Trays

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